Ripcord Industries BCG; Nitrided
  • Ripcord Industries BCG; Nitrided

    SKU: BCG-N

    If you have checked out our Chrome/Phos plated Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) page, you will notice this is the same quality crafted BCG with only one differnce, the plating. This is our Nitrided BCG variant.


    While Nitride isn't a milspec finsih, it can provide a very smooth, hard protective surface, reducing wear & tear on components. The smoothness of Nitride creates a more lubricios (again, for you $35 word lovers out there) contact surface. While it may not require "as much" lube to operate reliably, we still apply lubricant when we can. Especially when shooting suppressed.


    Back to the milspec statement above...We usually default to using our milspec BCG. It has been a consistently reliable component/finsih for us. We have seen all manner of fancy platings for BCGs over the years with grandiose claims of "tHe BEst pErFOrmanCe EVER". But the two finishes that seem to have continously stood the test of time are Chrome/Phos and Nitride...and if you're an OG Eugene pureist, Hard Chrome.   


    Spec Sheet:

    • 8620 Steel Carrier; Nitrided
    • Staked 4130 Steel Gas Key; Nitrided
    • C158 Bolt
    • Mil-Spec Extractor Spring
    • Black Extractor Insert
    • Mil-Spec Crane O-Ring
    • Made in The USA