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For you super sweaty folks, our Traction Tape Pack (TTP) provides an aggressive texture that helps keep your meat hooks from slip'n & slide'n. And to be honest, if the 6th principle of patroling is "always look cool", well, they do provide a nice aesthetic.


The TTP panels are laser cut to fit nicely into the shallow pocketed flats along our LDR Series rails. We have used various "grit tapes" in the past on handguns and other firearm accessories in an attempt to aid in friction. Unfortunately, most of these options seemed to fall apart or peel off fairly quickly from general use and weather conditions.  


We have all seen curb squirrels pull a sick Crooked Grind or two on their beat-up skateboards. That got us thinking, if the skate tape can take that kind of abuse in varying weather conditions, surely it would be durable enough to serve as a friction-increasing texture that can easily be applied to our rails. So we hit the nearest Zumies, snagged a roll, and tested it out. It worked quite well so we ran with it.  


Each panel in the TTP is laser-cut to fit the corresponding shape/length of the recessed pockets of our rails. 


These are available for the following length LDR Series rails:

- 10.75"

- 11.75"

- 13.13"

- 13.75"

- 15.25"



  • Prior to installation, wipe down the machined flats of the rail with alcohol wipes to clean any grease/oil from the surface.
  • During installation, we recommend you firmly press each piece into place then use a heat gun or hair dryer to help activate the glue. 

Traction Tape Pack

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