LDR1 Traction Tape Pack
  • LDR1 Traction Tape Pack


    For you super sweaty folks, our Traction Tape Pack fits nicely into the shallow pocket flats along our LDR1 rail. A simple, inexpensive way for you to add a little texture to your rail. 


    We use a heavy duty skate tape to ensure these will stick to, and stay in place when installed onto your LDR1. Each strip in the Traction Tape Pack is laser cut to size and corresponds with each length flat macnined into the LDR1. These are available for the following length LDR1 rails: 10.75", 11.75", 13.13", 13.75" & 15.25".



    • Prior to installation, wipe down the machined flats of the rail with alcohol wipes to clean any grease/oil from the surface.
    • During installation, we recommend you firmly press each peice into place then use a heat gun or hair dryer to help activate the glue.