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Throughout my life, I have met people whom I have come to care for, love, and respect. Whether they be family, teammates, friends, or coworkers, these people have made an everlasting impact on my life. And for that, in part, I will do everything within my ability to fiercely protect those I care for.


Like me, I am certain many of you have had this same thought regarding those in your life whom you hold dear. Each and every one of us has a God given RIGHT to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our property that we work our asses off for. The 2nd Amendment, a Constitutional RIGHT, ensures we have access to effective tools in which to own/use in defense from death and or serious bodily injury.


Speaking to ownership, it comes with responsibility. Responsibility to, first and foremost, train with that tool in order to become competent and proficient. Training shouldn’t stop at handling and use, but extend to implementing that tool smartly into daily life, decision making, education on laws in your area, etc. Knowledge is power and that power is readily available, all you have to do is seek it out.


Most all of us own vehicles and if we want to be able to rely on that vehicle to get us around, it requires maintenance. The same goes for the weapons we own. Having knowledge on how to maintain and repair your own equipment when feasible is a skill we should all possess. I would imagine a lot of you perform many routine (and maybe even some “not so routine”) maintenance tasks on the vehicles you own. So why not learn how to do the same for a weapon you might very well depend on in a self-defense event?


In addition to supplying citizens with quality components, armoring services, and (in the future) complete builds, Ripcord Industries aims to provide useful & educational material for those who wish to repair or build their own AR-style rifles. In order to do this effectively, Ripcord Industries continues to build relationships with quality OEM’s which allows us access to well-made components and accessories for our customers. We are also working to produce joint content with those OEM’s, bringing you first-hand information from the people who make these companies reputable.  


In closing I want to thank you for taking your time to read this note and for checking us out. I personally enjoy the process of working on rifles as much as I enjoy being on the range with folks and want to share that passion with you all as much as I can.


  • Steve Winenger / OWNER / Ripcord Industries LLC

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