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10.3" Modern Day Mod 0 w/ FSB

The MK18 Mod 0 is an iconic rifle of the early GWOT era. Builds like this that have Front Sight Bases (FSBs) have an old school esthetic that we think is pretty cool. We had a "new in the blue bag" factory Colt 10.3" FSB Barrel and got to thinking, "Can Chop Boss cut our LDR1 to fit a barrel/FSB combo?"...So we hit him and up and he knocked it out of the park. Granted, if we were to manufacture a FSB version of our rail, there are some features that would have to be relocated for a production model. But, never the less, we wanted to see if it would work. The Emissary Handbrake is perfect for this build. It allows a solid hook style placement for your support hand when activating the PEQ-15. With the reduced mounting space along the top of the rail (due to the FSB chop), having the Handbrake aids in maintaining a solid support hand grip, even with the PEQ placed where it is.

Components Breakdown -
Upper Receiver Group:
Ripcord Industries Gen1 Upper Receiver in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Ripcord Industries 9.55" LDR1 in OD Green Ano *FSB Cut done by Chop Boss
Factory Colt 10.3" Barrel w/ Front Sight Base & Ripcord Industries Headspaced Bolt
Ripcord Industries Nitrided Bolt Carrier
Carbine Length Gas Tube
PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle
Surefire Closed Tine Flash Hider
Surefire SOCOM RC2 Mini Suppressor
Drop6 Sling in Rip81 (Ranger Green w/ M81 Pull Tab)
Modlite 18350 OKW in an Airsaka Side Scout Mount
Modbutton Lite
Aimpoint T2 on a Scalarworks 1.93 LEAP Mount
Knights Armament Folding Micro Rear Sight (200-600m Adjustable)
Emissary Development Handbrake
US Rigger Band

Lower Receiver Group:
Ripcord Industries R5218 Lower Receiver in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Ripcord Industries LPK
Ripcord Industries Nickel PTFE Trigger Group
Milspec 6 Position Buffer Tube
Sprinco Standard Power (White) Recoil Spring
H3 Buffer
B5 Systems QD Receiver End Plate
Magpul CTR Stock in OD Green
Magpul MOE SL Grip in OD Green
Forward Controls Design Flat Trigger Guard
Carolina Laser Works M4 UID Label

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