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10.3" Ripcord CQBR (MG)

The Upper Receiver Group on this R5218 machine gun started life as a Block II CQBR. It was housed in a Colt Upper Receiver, had a Colt 10.3" Barrel, a MK12 Gas Block and the beefy RIS II from Daniel Defense. When it was time to re-barrel this chunky boy, we wanted to maintain the "clone correctness" and stick with 10.3" barrel. We were able to source the barrel from Daniel Defense. At about the same time, we had started refining our anodized colors such as FDE. The Colt upper receiver, unfortunately was at the point of needing replaced. So one of our Gen1 Upper Receivers took its place. Now that the Colt Upper Receiver, DD RIS II and MK12 Gas Block have been replaced, it is no longer a clone but a build inspired by the Block II MK18.

Components Breakdown -
Upper Receiver Group:
Ripcord Industries Gen1 Upper Receiver in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Ripcord Industries 9.55" LDR1 in FDE
Daniel Defense 10.3" Barrel w/ Ripcord Industries Headspaced Bolt
Colt Chrome/Phos Bolt Carrier
Badger Ordnance .750 TDX Gas Block
Carbine Length Gas Tube
PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle
Old School Teardrop Forward Assist
Knights Armament M4QD Flash Hider
Drop6 Sling in MultiCam w/ MultiCam Pull Tab
Modlite OKW 18350 in FDE mounted via Modlite Modbutton & Unity FUSION LightWing Adapter
EOTech SU-231 Holographic Sight
Bravo Company Gunfighter Vertical Grip
US Rigger Band

Lower Receiver Group:
Ripcord Industries R5218 Machine Gun Lower Receiver in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Ripcord Industries LPK
Full Auto Trigger Group
Milspec 6 Position Buffer Tube
Sprinco Standard Power (White) Recoil Spring
H3 Buffer
B5 Systems QD Receiver End Plate
Magpul CTR Stock in FDE
Magpul MOE SL Grip in FDE
Forward Controls Design Flat Trigger Guard
Carolina Laser Works M4 UID Label

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