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11.5" FBI SWAT Style Clone (MG)

This is a similar NVG purpose build like the Clear Anodized build. We like the smaller footprint of the T2 and having it in a taller mount that encourages a more upright shooting position, especially when shooting or working with NVGs. For those of you who have used IR lasers know that sometimes, the IR illuminator doesn't always get the job done depending on your environment. By pairing the Dual Lead Modbutton Lite with the PEQ-15 and Surefire M340V, we can now control both the laser and the light via a pressure pad that takes up minimal space. If you need white light and no laser, simply switch the light head to "white" and turn the laser off and only the light will activate. If you need IR illumination and your IR laser, turn the laser to the IR AL setting and your light head to IR and both will activate, again via the Dual Lead Modbutton Lite. Our 10.75" LDR1 allows you to mount your laser further forward and out of the way of your support hand. This is a very simple and straight forward NVG set up, that allows you to maintain your natural grip on the rifle.

Components Breakdown -
Upper Receiver Group:
Ripcord Industries Gen1 Upper Receiver in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Ripcord Industries 10.75" LDR1 in OD Green Cerakote
Criterion Barrels 11.5" CORE Series Barrel w/ Ripcord Industries Headspaced Bolt
Colt Chrome/Phos Bolt Carrier
Badger Ordnance .625 TDX Gas Block
Carbine Length Gas Tube
PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle
Surefire 4 Prong
Drop6 Sling in Black w/ Black Pull Tab
Surefire M340V
Dual Lead Modbutton Lite from Modlite
Aimpoint T2 on a Scalarworks 1.93 LEAP Mount
US Rigger Band

Lower Receiver Group:
Ripcord Industries R5218 Machine Gun Lower Receiver in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Ripcord Industries LPK
Full Auto Trigger Group
Milspec 6 Position Buffer Tube
Sprinco Hot White (Red/White) Recoil Spring
H3 Buffer
B5 Systems QD Receiver End Plate
Goonin Gear SFM Magwell
Magpul CTR Stock in OD Green
Magpul MOE SL Grip in OD Green
Forward Controls Design Flat Trigger Guard
Carolina Laser Works M4 UID Label

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