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13.9" AGPR

The AGPR, (Alaskan General Purpose Rifle) was built primarily to fill a "jack of all trades" role. A Surefire 3 Prong serves as a host for a SOCOM RC2 Suppressor. This build's length works well in both tighter situations around barricades or a vehicle while still providing adequate velocity to use the 1-6 Eotech Vudu LPVO to its full potential. A top Mounted RMR not only provides redundancy as a backup optic, but also eases the struggle of shooting with a gas mask, or can provide the end user the ability to passively aim while wearing NVGs. Traction tape, Emissary Handbrake, Radian ambi-selector and Geissele charging handle help make weapons manipulation with thicker gloves a breeze. The larger Surefire dual pad aids in the effortless activation of the Modlite OKW when you need the lumens of 1000 suns. It also controls the PEQ15's illuminator when needing to see at night. While the looks of the AGPR have changed over time, the main ingredients of the build haven't.

Components Breakdown -
Upper Receiver Group:
Ripcord Industries Gen1 Upper Receiver in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Ripcord Industries 13.13" LDR1 in FDE
Criterion Barrels 13.9" CORE Series Barrel w/ Ripcord Industries Headspaced Bolt
Ripcord Industries Nitrided Bolt Carrier
Badger Ordnance .625 TDX Gas Block
Mid-Length Gas Tube
Geissele Airborne Charging Handle in DDC
Surefire 3 Prong
Drop6 Sling in Multicam w/ Multicam Tab
Modlite 18650 OKW in Arisaka Side Scout Mount w/ Surefire SR07-D-IT Switch
EOTech Vudu 1-6 (FFP) w/ SR1 Reticle on a Geissele 1.54" Super Precision Mount
Trijicon RM06 Topside of the Vudu in a Reptilia Corp ROF90 Mount
Emissary Development Handbrake in FDE
US Rigger Band

Lower Receiver Group:
Ripcord Industries R5218 Lower Receiver in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Ripcord Industries LPK
Ripcord Industries Nickel PTFE Trigger Group
Radian Weapon Systems Ambi Selector Lever
Milspec 6 Position Buffer Tube
Sprinco Hot White (Red/White) Recoil Spring
H2 Buffer
BCM Gunfighter QD Receiver End Plate
Magpul MOE SL Stock in FDE
BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Grip in FDE

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