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14.5" R5218 Patrol Rifle

This build, while dubbed a "patrol rifle", is a great example for anyone looking to build a bare necessities AR. It is a simple, no thrills AR with a good sling, weapon light, optic and back up iron sights. This set up can later be modified to fit a person's needs as they expand their abilities. For example, the A2 Flash Hider can be changed out to a muzzle device that allows a silencer to be mounted. A laser can be added for use with NVGs or, the Aimpoint PRO can be switched out for an LPVO with an offset red dot.

Components Breakdown -
Upper Receiver Group:
Ripcord Industries Gen1 Upper Receiver in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Ripcord Industries 13.75" LDR1 in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Criterion Barrels 14.5" CORE Series Barrel w/ Ripcord Industries Headspaced Bolt
Ripcord Industries Chrome/Phos Bolt Carrier
Badger Ordnance TDX .625 Gas Block
Mid-Length Gas Tube
PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle
A2 Flash Hider
Drop6 Sling in Black
Modlite 18350 OKW in Arisaka Side Scout Mount w/ Modbutton Lite
Aimpoint PRO on factory Aimpoint Mount
Magpul MBUS Pro Flip Up Iron Sights
Emissary Development Handbrake
US Rigger Band

Lower Receiver Group:
Ripcord Industries R5218 Lower Receiver in Standard Type III Class II Ano
Ripcord Industries LPK
Ripcord Industries Nickel PTFE Trigger Group
Milspec 6 Position Buffer Tube
Sprinco Hot White (Red/White) Recoil Spring
H Buffer
B5 Systems QD Receiver End Plate
Magpul CTR Stock
Magpul MOE SL Grip
Forward Controls Design Flat Trigger Guard
Carolina Laser Works M4 UID Label

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