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The D6-MS is a simple, lightweight, and practical 2-point sling. It is D6's take on a minimalist approach with some enhancements. The sling is made with US solution dyed webbing, Xpac and poly-woven elastic. The elastic is designed to reduce webbing roll when cycling the sling quickly and can also be used to store the sling within itself.



  • Mounting Hardware sold seperately.
  • Cycling of the sling may be "stiff" out of the package, this will break in and loosen slightly as you use it.
  • Can only be run in the "Reverse Throw" configuration.


**Please view Drop6's Instagram account (@drop6_) for videos on how to weave your attachments of choice into the sling.


Drop6-MS in Rip81

SKU: D6-Rip81
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