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Rip6 Bolt; Hard Chrome

Is the bolt you're using wearing out from extended use? Something often overlooked when maintaining your AR is bolt maintenance. Just like gas tubes, gas rings, and springs, the bolt is a component of the AR that wears out. If you're overdue for a solid replacement, Drop6 & Ripcord have you covered. These hard chrome-plated C158 bolts have been assembled with longevity and reliability in mind.   


All of the Rip6 Bolts come standard with Ejector Springs, Extractor Springs & Extractor O-Rings made by Sprinco. This is done to ensure your rifle will extract and eject casings reliably over time. Sprinco is known for its quality springs that outlast their milspec counterparts. For example, shorter ARs and suppressed ARs can beat the hell out of gas rings. Generally, the rings will wear out in approximately 3 to 4 thousand rounds in shorter and suppressed guns. The Sprinco gas rings have shown they can perform and last for approximately 8 thousand rounds.


Each Rip6 Bolt utilizes an S7 Tool Steel, phosphate-coated Ejector. This material was chosen to reduce the deformation of the tip of the ejector which can cause performance issues.


The 4340 Extractor is phosphate-coated and its leading edge has been polished. We wanted to ensure it interfaces with the lip of the cartridge with ease each time a round is chambered. The "hook" of the extractor is not polished and the extractor itself is paired with Sprinco's Extractor Spring/O-Ring so that it is always able to remove casings from your chamber. 


Every Rip6 Bolt is high pressure/proof tested and is available with or without a NP3-Coated FCD SOTAR Cam.


Points to inspect on your bolt during routine maintenance are;

  • Both sides of the bolt body (either side of the hole) where the cam pin is inserted. Ensure there are no cracks forming.
  • The lugs of the bolt, especially on either side of the extractor. Look for unusual wear or cracks. 
  • The extractor itself and its spring assembly. The "claw" of the extractor should be checked for build-up and should feel somewhat like a cat's tongue. If you are experiencing failure to extract malfunctions repeatedly, your extractor spring, the extractor itself, or both may be worn out. 
  • Headspace should be checked approximately every 5K rounds. Ensuring your AR is headspaced will help the gun operate efficiently. It also reduces the rate at which various parts wear out.   


Bolt Specs/Finishes: 

•Bolt: C158 - Chrome - MP/HP Tested

•Gas Rings: Sprinco

•Ejector: S7 - Phosphate

•Ejector Spring: Sprinco

•Ejector Pin: 420 Chrome Stainless Steel - Spirol

•Extractor: 4340 - Phosphate w/ leading edge polished 

•Extractor Spring: Sprinco 5-Coil w/Donut

R6 Bolt; Hard Chrome

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