Ripcord Industries BCG; Chrome Phos
  • Ripcord Industries BCG; Chrome Phos


    Choosing a quality crafted Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) can be somewhat of a pain in the a$$. Especially with all the fancy "wiz-bang" tools offered on the interwebs. Should you get a milspec BCG? An adjustable BCG? What plating should you go with? And so on.


    Outside of building a very specific gun to work under very specific circumstances (i.e. "you are ALWAYS going to shoot your gun suppressed" or "my gun is so over gassed it rattled my fillings out"), a standard milspec BCG is the reliable and cost-effective choice in our experience.


    As far as plating for BCGs go, we prefer chrome/phos carriers with C158 bolts. The phosphate holds lubricants better than other finishes and provides a durable finish that stands up well against abuse. The chrome-lined inner diameter provides a smooth surface for Gas Rings to ride in. Nitride is another plating for BCGs we have been using in some of our guns.


    While the Nitride doesn't seem to hold lubricants as well/as long, Nitride has a natural lubricity (or "is more lubricious" for you $35 word lovers out there) and you can get away with running the gun a little longer without lubing it up. With that said, we are by no means suggesting you just say "F it!" and not lube your gun given the opportunity. 


    There are several quality companies who offer BCGs. Do your research and some shopping around before you spend your money on a very important component for your rifle. While you do that research, make sure you have a good idea on how you want your rifle set up (dedicated suppressed? Who makes the barrel I want and do they waller out their gas ports, etc). This could determine what components/verison of components you use or don't use.       


    Spec Sheet:

    • 8620 Steel Carrier; Auto; Chrome Inner Diameter / Manganese Phosphate Outer Diameter
    • Staked 4130 Steel Gas Key
    • C158 Bolt
    • Mil-Spec Extractor Spring
    • Black Extractor Insert
    • Mil-Spec Crane O-Ring
    • Made in The USA