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Rip6 Bolt Carrier Group; Hard Chrome

Drop6 & Ripcord have joined forces to offer a durable, hard-use, and efficient BCG. These aren’t sourced “off the shelf” from an OEM and then offered to customers. Each BCG starts out as individual components which are thoroughly inspected before our work starts.


Prior to hand assembly, we polish the leading edge of the extractor to allow it to interface with the casing easier. The extractor spring pocket is also sized to ensure proper fitment of the spring. Each gas key is decked on a whetstone to provide a flat surface, then sealed with a retaining compound when torqued to the carrier using M-Guns OCKS. The inner diameter of the gas key is gauged, and gas key alignment is checked on an in-spec upper receiver. Finally the gas key is properly staked and bare metal is blued.


Each Rip6 Bolt is checked for burs inside the ejector channel and then fitted with a Sprinco ejector spring, S7 tool steel ejector, and a Spirol coil pin. We also use Sprinco gas rings, 5-Coil ejector spring with o-ring. And lastly, a Forward Controls Design SCP NP3 cam pin is used, and firing pin protrusion is checked.


Test fired for function checks and oiled before packaging. We suggest you wipe down your new BCG, check carrier depth, check headspace, and apply your lubricant of choice before firing.


BCG Specs/Finishes:

•Bolt: C158 - Chrome - MP/HP Tested

•Gas Rings: Sprinco

•Ejector: S7 - Phosphate

•Ejector Spring: Sprinco

•Ejector Pin: 420 Chrome Stainless Steel - Spirol

•Extractor: 4340 - Phosphate

•Extractor Spring: Sprinco 5-Coil w/Donut

•Cam Pin: 4340 - NP3 - Forward Controls Design

•Firing Pin: 8640 - Chrome

•Carrier: 8620 HT - Chrome; Full-Mass

•Gas Key: 4130 - Chrome/Phosphate

•Gas Key Fasenters: M-Guns OCKS


R6 BCG; Hard Chrome

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