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We are now offering the Drop6/GrovTec QD Swivel Set! This is Drop6's preferred QD setup for use with his D6-MS.


A "D" shaped REAR QD stays nice and tucked out of your way. Using this swivel in the rear allows better side-to-side articulation in addition to your QD socket. The standard HD FRONT QD allows for smoother slider adjustments.


QD Set Includes:

1-Standard QD

1-D Loop QD


Notes From GrovTec:

HD Quick Detach. Features extremely tight machining tolerances and pull tested to over 450 pounds of tension. 


D Loop Quick Detach. The release button on the swivel set comes flush to the swivel body, virtually eliminating the chance for errant release of the swivel. Allows use of MASH or HK style CLASH hooks in push button base. Pull tested up to 450 pounds of pressure. 


Both finished with Non-Reflective Manganese Phosphate.


**Repackaged by Drop6 (GrovTec does not offer this set).

Drop6/GrovTec QD Swivel Set

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