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Please allow up to one week for this item to ship. We inspect components, assemble then test fire each of these prior to shipment. 


At the heart of every Ripcord Upper Receiver Group (URG) is a Criterion CORE Series Barrel. We chose the CORE Series barrels as our "go-to" barrels due to Criterion's amazing (and consistent) craftsmanship. Their ability to repeatedly hold specific tolerances allowed us to develop our Gass Hole (gas block). We have achieved the best gas block fitment possible for their CORE Series barrels. This helps reduce the amount of gas leakage out of your gas system which, in turn, helps the overall system to be consistently reliable.   


One of the first things we do is headspace, or pair, one of our bolts to the barrel being used in a specific build. We do this to help ensure each URG's bolt will consistently seat rounds, consistent chamber pressures are achieved, and that it operates smoothly.


Once that is done, the barrel is then set into the upper receiver and secured with our high contact area Mod4 Barrel Nut. We follow a specific process for properly torquing a barrel nut, and if this process isn't followed, chances are you may not achieve a true torque value. If a barrel nut isn't able to do its main job (holding your barrel in place at a specified torque value through use), you can notice a drastic increase in MOA as heat increases...more drastically than what is generally acceptable or expected.


Normally, the average groups we achieve with our URGs (using 55gr, 62gr & 77gr ammo types) range from 1.02moa "cold" to approximately 1.37moa "hot". With that being said, this can vary based on how well an end user applies fundamentals.     


Once the URGs are assembled, they are then test-fired to ensure there are no "ghosts in the system" and that they function reliably.


NFA Disclaimer:

Our 14.5" URGs don't come with a Flash Hider.


If you use this part to complete an AR Pistol build, you can use whatever muzzle device that best suits your needs. If you are wanting to use this part to complete a Rifle build, you will need to obtain a muzzle device, that is AT LEAST as long as a BCM Extended A2 Flash Hider (AND use the manufacturer's shim kit or crush washer), then have it pinned/welded to the barrel by a gunsmith familiar with BATFE nonsense.

As is, once this part is assembled into a complete firearm it becomes a regulated item by the National Firearms Act (NFA). Please check with your local and state municipalities for any further regulatory requirements. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure they understand all NFA rules and applicable laws.


Machined & assembled in The USA. 



- Gen1 Upper Receiver machined from Cerro 7075-T6 Aluminum Forgings

- MIL-A-8625, Type III, Class 2 Anodized

- Criterion CORE Series 14.5" Barrel

- Ripcord BCG w/ C158 Bolt housing Sprinco Components

- 13.13" LDR1 machined from Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum Allow

- Ripcord Industries Gass Hole (.625 gas block)

- Mid-Length Melonite Gas Tube from Trajectory Arms

- PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle w/ Combat Latch

- Forward Controls Design LDFA (Low Drag Forward Assist)

Ripcord URG - 14.5

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