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LEAD TIME: Ships within 2-3 Business Days 


Hand-assembled for durablity and efficiency. 


Our Chrome/Phos Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) is a "no nonsense", gauged & hand assembled milspec+ component that you can rely on. Each bolt carrier is the trusted M16 profile/weight and made from 8620 (HT) steel. Each gas key is decked, sealed, & the OCKS Fasteners torqued by hand to the carrier after it is guaged and alignment is checked. This is done to ensure gas isn't leaking from the system in areas that it shouldn't, giving you consistently reliable performance.    


We upgrade the springs & gas rings of our Bolts with 5 Coil Extractor Springs, O-Rings (donut), Ejector Springs, and Gas Rings from Sprinco. Sprinco is a trusted OEM in the spring department (among other things) and we wanted to ensure, no matter the ammo you are using, shooting suppressed or unsuppressed, that your AR's extractor and ejector have the support they need to perform reliably every time. Every bolt is high pressure/proof tested, not batch tested.



BCG Specs: 

  • Carrier: 8620 HT; Chrome/Phos;  Full Mass
  • Gas Key: 4130; Chrome/Phos
  • Gas Key Fasteners: M-Guns OCKS
  • Bolt: C158; Phosphate; HP/MP Tested
  • Gas Rings (x3): Sprinco; Cryogenic Processed
  • Ejector: S7; Phosphate
  • Ejector Spring: Sprinco; Enhanced CS
  • Ejector Pin: Spirol; 420 Chrome Stainless Steel
  • Extractor: 4340; Phosphate
  • Extractor Spring: Sprinco; 5-Coil w/Donut
  • Cam Pin: Forward Controls Design; 4340; Nitride
  • Firing Pin: 8640; Chrome
  • Firing Pin Retainer: Mil-Spec; Phosphate

Ripcord BCG; Chrome/Phos

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