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Assembly & Tuning Services 

IF you have the parts but not the time, tools or ability to assemble various components into an Upper or Lower Receiver Group, we have you covered!

While we do have the Build Series for everyone to reference, we get that not everyone wants to mess with assembling large portions of their long gun.

We are now offering assembly/install/tuning services for folks who would prefer a more "turbo nerd" approach regarding the assembly of their URG or LRG. How many of you have used the wrong roll pin, scraped, broken or destroyed a part? We have the proper tools and the patience to diligently inspect, prep, assemble and test fire your favorite components.

Below are two downloadable Build Request Forms that you can fill out and submit to have work done on parts you currently own.


Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 4.24_edited.jpg

URG Assembly & Tuning PDF

Below is the downloadable URG Build Request PDF that you can fill out detailing what parts you have & what work you would like done. Once you download/complete the form, simply email it to and we will get you in our que.  Please do not send Lower Receivers with Upper Receiver Groups.

Lower Receiver Group Assembly PDF


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